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How Smart Money for Youth helps you

Parents & Teachers

Monitor Attendance
Monitor Behaviour
Monitor Activity


Teaches Money Management
Teaches about Taxation
Teaches Earning Methodology
Why Smart Money for Youth

Smart Money for Youth gives youth hands-on experience earning, saving, and spending money in an online "virtual economy." At the same time It gives parents & teachers ability to monitor attendance, behaviour & activity of youth. Children and teens develop practical money management skills in a fun, safe environment, equipping them for a healthy financial future.

The Virtual Economy: Program administrators / parents determine "salary" rates to offer youth for participation and completed accomplishments / activities. Currency is deposited into virtual bank accounts managed by youth. Kids can then save, invest, give, or spend their earnings.

The Social Obligation: When you subscribe to Smart Money for Youth, apart from helping your own children inculcate discipline and regularity, You'll also become a partner in our company's mission to ensure that this critical money management training reaches disadvantaged youth.

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